How the Blue Ribbon/Larry Long System Works


I’m asked quite often, “How do you find and retain drivers like you do?”

Many in the industry have a difficult time doing what we do here at Blue

Ribbon. Our drivers are noticeably satisfied. You, as a driver, will be

asked questions by other drivers as to how you’re doing with “that

company.” You are confusing to them because you aren’t depressed and

broke! They’re usually miserable, due to years of lies, low pay, and

abuse. You know, you’ve been there!

Well, here’s our secret…we treat you the way you should be treated.

We’re not so greedy that we can’t share in the profit. We realize that

there is a price you pay for what you do and the time away from your

home and family. We also know that you too, can share in the many

opportunities that the trucking industry offers. We’re more than willing

to teach you exactly how to be successful if your dream is to become an

Owner/Operator and own your own business.

Actually, our business model ONLY WORKS if you drive for me as if you

were driving your own truck and in business for yourself! You see, if

you don’t control costs and help increase revenue, then our model

WON’T WORK. We pay you a percentage of revenue, not per mile.

We are in a partnership with you, our driver. It is a truly “win - win”

situation, as long as you run your truck as if YOU own it. If you

can’t/won’t apply the principles that we teach you, then it will be a “lose

– lose” very quickly. Our ability to provide this unique opportunity to a

select number of highly motivated and successful drivers is contingent

upon your “buying into” our system.

Every business decision we make is based on one concept: Does it save

money/increase revenue and is it good for the company and our

drivers? That’s it! And, because we SHARE in the revenue, that should

be YOUR only criteria when you make decisions.

If you follow our guidelines, work hard, and do the right thing, you’ll be

well paid now and well trained for your future, if you choose to pursue

it in trucking. Let’s make it happen!